Free Membership to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network for Amerigroup Members

December 31, 2020 @ 11:00PM — 11:30PM

Choose one book to receive free from the list below.

Free Membership to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network for Amerigroup Members image
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Free Membership with copy of "Loud Hands"
Free Membership with copy of "Knowing Why"
Free Membership with copy of "Navigating College"
Free Membership with copy of "Empowering Leadership"

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by and for Autistic people. ASAN was created to serve as a national grassroots disability rights organization for the Autistic community, advocating for systems change and ensuring that the voices of Autistic people are heard in policy debates and the halls of power. ASAN members include Autistic adults and youth, cross-disability advocates, and non-Autistic family members, professionals, educators, and friends.

With your help, we can:

  • Work for healthcare equity and access, including defending your insurance and Medicaid options
  • Find alternatives to guardianship, such as supported decision making
  • Combat abusive "therapies" used on Autistic people
  • Fight for communication access
  • Shut down the school-to-prison pipeline and fight for the rights of Autistic children of color
  • Train healthcare providers on inclusive, respectful care for Autistic people, including care for transgender and gender nonconforming Autistics

Your membership makes it possible for us to quickly mobilize in response to attacks on the civil rights of disabled people.

Members receive our newsletter and updates about our work. We also invite you to donate a Scholarship Membership for a low-income person with disabilities. Email us at for more information about membership options for low-income people with disabilities.